One of the packages that I offer as a tarot reader is a “Personal Growth for the Year” package. Each year is a new tarot year for each of us, where we have the opportunity to discover the theme for the year, and how we can make the most of it. Below is my reading for the year, along with my personal growth theme profile so that you can get an idea of what it’s all about.

My personal growth theme for this year is the Hermit.

The Hermit is the Sage of the Tarot. The Hermit spends a lot of time alone, observing, listening, finding her own way. The Hermit is a reminder that wisdom is found within, and that rest is a necessity of life.

This is a year of introspection, of tying up loose ends, of dealing with baggage. This is a year where I will find myself spending more time alone than typical. This is also a year where I will go my own way, follow my own inner guidance more faithfully, and spend more time getting to know myself and becoming more comfortable with being quiet with myself.

This is a year of rest, of preparation, and of peacefulness. This is a year to be of help from the sidelines. It’s perfectly fine to have my own view, but it’s also imperative that I don’t get emotionally invested in things that are out of my control. Instead, I can be a voice of reason. I can be someone who offers a word of encouragement, while being cautious about becoming preachy or sanctimonious. I may find a mentor, or I may end up becoming a mentor to others. This is a year of observation, both inner and outer. Enlightenment and healing come from being quiet, listening, and allowing.

The Nines of every suit have something to teach me this year in conjunction with the Hermit. 

-The Nine of Cups has a lesson for finding happiness in being present. 

-The Nine of Wands is a lesson and opportunity for me to stand my ground in going my own way. 

-The Nine of Coins is a lesson in independence (and also one of my absolute favorite cards) and in perseverance. 

-The Nine of Swords is for me, an opportunity/lesson involving cognitive therapy. This is a year to weed out the crappy thoughts and focus on the loving, hopeful, trusting, and kind. 

Now, onto the reading I did for myself for this year. I asked what I need to focus on or be aware of in different areas of my life.

Home and Relationships: Ace of Wands, 10 of Cups

A fresh start leads to greater fulfillment at home and in my relationships.  I have every reason to be optimistic and there is the potential for great emotional fulfillment as long as I leave the past behind and keep a hopeful outlook about what can develop. It’s important to take the time to heal past issues. All of my creative ideas for the home can be implemented, but they do take planning, so remember to prepare before jumping in. I should take advantage of every opportunity to grow my relationships, and I may find that harmony is easy to accomplish. I should focus on growing my ability to express myself, and new and deeper understanding is very possible if I do. Becoming more expressive will have a positive impact.

Career and Work: Five of Swords, The World

Overcoming negative self-talk in this area is highlighted. One of the ways that I can do this is by focusing on my successes, big and small. Another way I can improve my thoughts about my work is by recognizing the hand of providence and synchronicity in my life. A lot of healing needs to take place in how I think of myself in terms of work. It’s time that I see the truth of what I contribute and open myself up to the many, many opportunities outside of the limits I put on myself. No more shutting down ideas before they are given a fighting chance. Healing this pattern by actively working to change it will result in greater fulfillment. Slowing down and paying attention to my thoughts will help me to heal this pattern.

Finances: Six of Wands, King of Coins

Buckle in for the long-haul and focus on long-term financial goals, as well as the steady steps I can take to achieve them. Success is pretty much assured as long as I keep a level head and put one foot in front of the other. I won’t really have to worry so much about money this year, largely due to the fact that I recognize that abundance is an energy. Continue to practice smart financial skills and enjoy the success that comes. Stay above the doom-and-gloom mindset that is prevalent right now in society and enjoy the fruits of my labor- and remember to share!

Health and Wellbeing: Seven of Swords, Four of Coins

This is the year to face facts. I can’t run or hide from my health issues anymore. It’s also a good idea for me to get a second opinion about the prognoses I’ve been given. On top of that, focus on achieving balance. Really listen to my body, pay attention to what it is saying. Keep stress low. Healing isn’t centered on one area of being, but instead encompasses the whole person. Healing is the highlight for me this year above all else: emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual.

Play and Fun: Four of Swords, Seven of Cups

Focus on restful activities, and activities that contribute to my feeling of inner peace. Don’t be too overactive. There will be a plethora of options to choose from in terms of how I spend my downtime. I should only give my time to the activities that are the most fulfilling and I won’t have to worry about not having anything fun to do. One aspect of play is allowing myself to truly rest and to say no to things without guilt.

This is an idea of what you can expect should you decide to invest in the Personal Growth for the Year Package. You can get yours hereDisclaimer: I won’t be giving you specific health advice. You should always seek a qualified healthcare professional’s view for health issues/questions. 

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