~A tarot reading with me is an investment in yourself. ~ ❤

When most people think of tarot readers, they picture a woman dressed as a gypsy stereotype in a dark room with a crystal ball on the table, ready to tell you your fate. Cue the fog machine and buzzing electric sign. 

I’m not that glamorous. 

My personal fashion style is a little boho, sure, but that’s where the likeness ends. Fate is totally overrated. 

You know what’s better than someone telling you exactly what will happen to you on such and such date? 

Someone who won’t take advantage of you when you’re in a state of grief, or going through a tough time (perhaps a divorce or job loss), but instead treats you with compassion, empathy and respect. 

Someone who recognizes that you are (or at least should be!) in the driver’s seat of your life. Someone who says “yeah, we can’t control outcomes, but we can heavily influence what happens with our choices and actions. Let’s peel back the layers of your circumstances see what empowering insight and advice the tarot has for you on making your desires and dreams a reality.” 

That someone is me, by the way. My name is Jessica Ripley. You can call me Jess. 

I’m a teacher and tarot is my tool for teaching you to trust your intuition, gain clarity about yourself and your circumstances, and improve your life. 
I’ve been a practicing tarot reader for over ten years and I am a member of the American Tarot Association. I’m based out of Rochester, MN and I offer all of my services via email or messenger (except in special cases). 

Whether you’re looking to increase the sizzle in a relationship or deal with a rough patch, or you’re having trouble emotionally handling a health issue, or you’re facing a job/career rut, or you want help in setting and attaining goals, or you want a tarot reader like me for your local personal or professional event, I can help (that was a lot of “or’s” and I didn’t even cover every topic available). 

You can expect an honest, enlightening, and encouraging experience when you work with me. If this sounds like your cup of tea, visit the Tarot Services page and let’s get started!  I fully support you vetting me, so make sure to check out my Policies and Ethics, my About page, and What other clients have to say


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